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issues, education. we are expecting also for him to announce his new cabinet at some point as well. >> we have to remember they are still wanted by the criminal court to face charges, and yet here he is facing office. >> i think it was an overwhelming decision from many of the voters here in this country. almost like a referendum. abouteally did not care the charges, which she is facing at the international criminal court. you still have to face trial. those titles are due to start in the coming months. he will have to attend those trials as well, which he will do. -- those trials are due to start in the coming months. he is going to form his cabinet. he will go about his business as usual, travel around the world, which he is allowed to do so as long as he cooperates with the international criminal court. still to come on the program, the changing debate on immigration in the u.s. why politicians are playing more attention to migrants. we did pay more attention to migrants. say thereactivists has been an explosion in the neighborhood of central damascus. strikes and other parts of the ca
they moved out of cure to stand -- kyrgystan were educated. i have been going around the school and talking to the director and to the teachers. they were saying very much that they did not stand out in any way and were not seen as particularly religious. there is nothing but more to them out in any way at all. the director said that only four months was a small window on their lives. he said if you need any answers, go to the united states where they spent more than a decade. they are very much passing the buck back to the united states. they say it has nothing to do with them and nothing to do with the small-scale war that is going on here between fighters in dagostan and the russian government. that is taking casualties every day. there are attacks and bombings and ied's, not something that is getting world attention but the fact that they spend four months in dagostan has put an uncomfortable focus on what is going on here for president vladimir putin who has maintained there is no such thing as a domestic terrorist. they are all international. >> i understand the brothers' father is st
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2